Liberty Training

What is Liberty?

It's just a little more creative than Walk, Trot, and Canter

  • Liberty training is a type of communication and body language you teach your horses, miniatures, donkeys, mules, pony's etc... through leading and positioning you can teach them how to move with you in a creative and bonding way. the equine learns where they need to stay(leading and positioning) in order to follow your shoulder and move with you.
Here's what you can teach them:
  • I teach my horses to come to me when I call them
  • to stay with me at my shoulder where ever I go
  • to do a complete right hand turn
  • to side pass over to me
  • to side pass away from me
  • to back up with me
  • to trot with me
  • to show at halter at liberty
  • to think on their own and bond to you
  • to read my body language
  • and you can teach your horse the same!
and for my more advanced horses I teach them to
  • to rear up on command
  • to lay down on command
  • to stand on a pedastool
  • to ride without a bridle and saddle with total control
  • to think on their own and try harder for you
  • and you can teach your horse the same

 It's only limited by your IMAGINATION

How do you teach Liberty?

The animals learn without being pushed prodded or shoved in to a position. We teach the animals to stay in a position on our right side, while reassuring them when they do the correct move.. .

Can I teach my Horse, Mule, Donkey or Mini Liberty?

Yes, you can with a little time and patience. you can learn to read the body language of the equine and teach him or her to follow you bond with you and read your body language.

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