Brandy and Zero Gravity-Taylor Made Farms 2009


Brandy and Sweet Seduction  - Bothell, Wa 1994

Brandy riding Knight -Taylor Made Farms 2006

Brandy riding Knight -Taylor Made Farms 2006

Brandy with  Stewart Little and Armanii  - CA , Stables 2004

Brandy and Armanii  - CA, Stables 2004

 Brandy and  Spunky  Liberty class - Miniature Nationals Oklahoma City, OK 1990


Brandy with Cee Cee, Carrie and Batina - Miniature Nationals Ogden, Utah  1992

Brandy and Stella rearing up up and up - Oregon 1995

Brandy clipping miniature - Oregon

 Brandy with Cee Cee -Body clipping at the Miniature  Nationals Ogden, Utah  1992

Cee Cee after her clip job and Brandy after her shower - Miniature Nationals Ogden, Utah 1992

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